Sources of weather forcasts

No weather forecast site is perfect, but these are the ones used by members.


The Met Office

Clear Outside


Sat 24 - Beverley weather and

also the cloud forecast for Europe.

Where (and when) we observe

Astronomers recognise the value of good dark skies for observing. We also need to find a good site that is within a reasonable distance of members' homes.

Based on the geographic spread of our members, one of our early observing sites is at the top of Arras Hill above Sancton village. This is based in a layby on a single track road which attracts little traffic. The other sites featured here are more recent.

All of these site meets our criteria in that they affords wide open views and some escape from major light pollution.

The drawback is that they can be very exposed site and if you are not warm then your observing pleasure will be greatly diminished.

If you would like to join us then please email our Observing Manager (address available from the Secretary), who will provide appropriate guidance, as to when and where, our observing sessions will take place.

Remember these are in addition to any observing carried out at Woodmansey Village Hall.

We also have a WhatsApp group for members to use to keep in touch about Club activities including the latest observing opportunities.

Arras Hill: Between Sancton and A1079 (OS reference SE920400) is a traditional observing site.

Crabley Lane near Broomfleet.

The signal box car park at Kiplingcoates.

The sports field at Beeford